This fund is an endowment to honor the memory of James Chung Yam Lee, a patient of Affiliate Faculty member Pam Becker with leukemia. $10,000 is available each year to help fund a pilot project that aims at advancing our understanding of leukemia or the care of leukemia patients.   

James Chung Yam Lee was thoroughly dedicated to improving outcomes for AML. He had relapsed shortly after an allogeneic transplant, and he thoughtfully contemplated each decision for therapy on successive clinical trials thereafter. As he realized his young life was to be cut short while he was still in his 20s, he became devoted to the cause of how research might lead to new options for patients. He and his family desired to create a mechanism to promote new discoveries that could impact survival for all patients with AML. It was in this spirit of innovation and hope that this endowment was created.

Current Recipient: Vivian Oehler, M.D.

2022 Research Proposal: Investigating Clonal Evolution and Mechanisms of Chronic Myeloid Leukemia Disease Progression