Cush It To The Limit Fund

The Cush It To The Limit Fund provides monies to study the pathogenesis of T-cell lymphomas and closely related malignancies and to develop novel therapies. The fund honors the memory of Ben Cushing, a patient of Andrei Shustov, MD with hepatosplenic T-cell lymphoma.

Ben Cushing was a young, talented, and ambitious college student whose life was upended when he was diagnosed with hepatosplenic T-cell lymphoma, one of the rarest and most aggressive forms of lymphoid malignancies that typically affects young persons in their second or third decade of life. He embarked on a courageous fight to conquer his cancer. As commonly seen with this disease, despite multiple debilitating rounds of chemotherapy, it became clear that Ben’s lymphoma was not curable. When he learned this, he not only refused to stop fighting, but he also selflessly shifted all his energy and love for life to help others who might be affected by this rare and currently incurable lymphoma. Ben started raising money to advance research efforts, in hopes to find a cure for HSTCL and other T-cell lymphomas that receive very little attention—and therefore funding—due to their rare nature. Ben continued this work up until his last days. After Ben’s death, the efforts to find a cure were continued by his family and friends whom he inspired with his vision. The funds from “Cush It to the Limit” are available to sponsor promising research projects. While Ben may no longer be with us, his fight for those who are suffering continues.