Elo Giblett Endowed Professor of Medicine
Division of Hematology
University of Washington School of Medicine

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My laboratory has been engaged in studies of cellular and molecular aspects of globin gene regulation and erythropoiesis in general both at steady state and after stress for over 25 years. During that time several approaches were pioneered and employed in our research and these include: creation of heterospecific hybrid cells using human erythroid cells across all developmental spectrum; development of anti-human globin chain specific monoclonal antibodies; delineation of the kinetics of globin expression during differentiation of human erythroid cells cultured in vitro; first characterization of globin profile of erythroid cells differentiated from human ES cells and iPS cells; description of globin expression post transplantation of either adult of fetal cells. Methodological approaches employed for these studies include biochemical analyses of globins, el/sis, isoelectric focusing, HPLC, mRNA studies and epigenetic changes, i.e. methylation and DNAse HSS, immunofluorescence studies in cells and tissues.

Additional aspects of hematopoiesis/erythropoiesis studied include the impact of integrins, especially VLA-4 and beta-1 integrins, on the retention of stem/progenitor cells in bone marrow niches at baseline and on the stem cell self-renewal post transplantation; specifically on erythropoiesis beta-1 integrins contribute significantly to erythroid cell expansion and terminal differentiation post stress, whereas red cells generated in their absence have impaired response to ROS and shorter survival. These studies were enabled through the generation of conditional mouse models with deletion of specific integrins (alpha4beta1,alpha 5beta1,or all beta1 integrins) in either primitive hematopoietic cells, or specifically in erythroid cells.  In addition to murine studies primates were used in some specific studies.

Education & Training: 
University of Athens School of Medicine
Athens, Greece
Residency in Medicine Department of Clinical Therapeutics and Hematology
University of Athens
Athens, Greece
Dr. Sci.
University of Athens Schoolf of Medicine
Athens, Greece
Post-doctoral Trainee in Cell Biology and Tissue Culture
Department of Pathology, University of Washington
Seattle, WA
NIH Fellow and Senior Fellow
Division of Hematology, University of Washington
Seattle, WA
William Dameshek Prize, ASH
Gwendolyn Stewart Memorial Award from Temple University School of Medicine
Member, American Academy of Arts and Sciences
Outstanding Lifetime Achievement Award in Hematology by the Hellenic Society of Hematology
ISEH president
Metcalf Award, ISEH
Wallace Coulter Life Achievement Award in Hematology, ASH