Elo Giblett Endowed Professor, Division of Hematology
University of Washington

Faculty Information


My laboratory has been engaged in studies of cellular and molecular aspects of globin gene regulation and erythropoiesis in general,  both at steady state and after stress for over 25 years. During that time several approaches  were pioneered  and employed  in our research  and these include:  creation  of heterospecific hybrid  cells using  human  erythroid  cells  across  all developmental  spectrum;  development  of anti-human globin  chain  specific   monoclonal   antibodies;   delineation  of  the  kinetics  of  globin  expression   during differentiation of human erythroid cells cultured in vitro; first characterization of globin profile of erythroid cells differentiated  from human ES cells and iPS cells; description  of globin expression post transplantation  of either adult or fetal cells.

Additional aspects of hematopoiesis/erythropoiesis  studied include the impact of integrins, especially VLA-4 and β1-integrins, on the retention of stem/progenitor cells in bone marrow niches at baseline and on the stem cell self-renewal post transplantation; specifically on erythropoiesis β1-integrins contribute significantly to erythroid cell expansion and terminal differentiation post stress, whereas red cells generated in their absence have impaired response to ROS and shorter survival. These studies were enabled through the generation of conditional  mouse  models  with  deletion  of  specific  integrins  (α4β1-,  α5β1-,  or  all  β1-integrins)  in  either primitive hematopoietic cells, or specifically in erythroid cells.   In addition to murine studies primates were used  in some  specific  studies.    Our  demonstrated  experience  in the latter  aspects  of Hematopoiesis  is exemplified by several solicited Reviews and commentaries

National Activities

1979-1984: Editorial board, American Journal of Hematology
1980: Member, American Society of Clinical Investigation(ASCI)
1981-1984: Chair, Scientific Subcommittee, Erythropoietin and red cell proliferation-ASH
1983: Member, Western Association of Physicians(WAP) 1983-1984: ASH- Nominating Committee
1984-1988: NIH Study Section-Hematology 1
1984-1988: Blood- Editorial Board
1987: Member, Association of American Physicians-AAP
1988-1990: Chair, Scientific Subcommittee, Hematology and the red cell- ASH
1990: ISEH- Scientific Subcommittee
1990-1993: NHLBI- Advisory Council, National Heart, Lung and Blood-NIH
1993: Scientific Organizing Committee, Ny Workshop on Hematopoietic Stem cell purification and biology
1993: ASH- Publications Committee
1995-1999: Member, Executive Committee-ASH
1995: Chair, Scientific Subcommittee, Hemoglobin and the red cell-ASH
1997: Editorial board, Journal of Clinical Investigation –JC1
1999-2002: NIH Study Section –Hematology I
2000: ISEH- Scientific Committee
2004-2005: Chair- NIH Review Panel for human ES cells
2005-2010: Associate editor, Experimental Hematology
2006: Special Panel – Reviews for Human ES cells
2007: ISEH-Nominating committee
2009: President –ISEH
2011-2013: NIH- Hematopoiesis Study Section, Member
2011-2013: ASH- Committee on Scientific Affairs-Member
2011: NIH- (NIDDK) Workshop on Stress Erythropoiesis-Organizer-Participant
2012-  Associate Editor-PlosOne
2020- Associate Editor: Experimental Hematology

Education & Training: 
University of Athens School of Medicine
Athens, Greece
Residency in Medicine Department of Clinical Therapeutics and Hematology
University of Athens
Athens, Greece
Dr. Sci.
University of Athens Schoolf of Medicine
Athens, Greece
Post-doctoral Trainee in Cell Biology and Tissue Culture
Department of Pathology, University of Washington
Seattle, WA
NIH Fellow and Senior Fellow
Division of Hematology, University of Washington
Seattle, WA
William Dameshek Prize, ASH
Gwendolyn Stewart Memorial Award from Temple University School of Medicine
Member, American Academy of Arts and Sciences
Outstanding Lifetime Achievement Award in Hematology by the Hellenic Society of Hematology
Metcalf Award, ISEH
Wallace Coulter Life Achievement Award in Hematology, ASH
(206) 543-5756
Mailing Address: 

University of Washington School of Medicine
Division of Hematology, Box 357710
1705 NE Pacific Street, HSB K-243
Seattle, WA 98195-7710

Research & Clinical Interests
Research Interests: 

Current research efforts are directed at the following areas: a) gene editing using adult CD34+ cells (by different editing platforms) focusing on targets in the gamma promoters known for increasing fetal Hgb, or at knocking down silencers (i.e BCL11A) of fetal Hgb in adult life. The efficiency of editing and the transplantability and durability of edited cells is assessed to provide any clinical guidance in selecting the proper targets. b)  For the last five years I have been in collaboration with Prof. del Zoppo and his laboratory in the preparation and sharing of materials from the adult conditional β1-integrin deletion constructs that form one setting for our own studies.  These  are  appropriately  suited  for  the  brain  microvessel  studies  that  his  laboratory  has undertaken and successfully pursued. Our  discussions   about  culture  conditions,   vectors,   data  acquisition,   and  data interpretation continue frequently. We also have available mouse α4-integrin and α5-integrin deletion mice that  are  available  for  this  project.    In  the  last  year  we  have  collaborated  with  Prof.  del  Zoppo,  Dr. Weinstein,  and  Dr. Lee to image  with high field  strength  MRI alterations  in the brain associated  with conditional deletion of microvessel endothelial cell β1-integrins, with remarkable results. 

US patents: 5,695,755; 5,824,304: 5,843,438; 6,184,343; 7,094

Clinical Interests: 

Congenital and acquired disorders of globin and erythropoiesis


Over 300 journal publications and 54 others (book chapters, invited publications)